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Low FODMAP Carrot, Cucumber & Watermelon Salad

Updated: May 17

Carrots come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Some varieties are very old and taste a little bit different to the orange, sweet variety that is most commonly found in supermarkets.

The great thing about carrots is that whatever the variety, they all go so well with other vegetables like cucumber......and even fruit!

I added watermelon, sliced carrot, cucumber and pomegranate to my salad, along with a few viola flowers. Viola have a pleasant, mild, neutral taste and make any dish look super pretty.

But you could add any vegetables or fruit that you like!

What fruit and vegetables will you throw into a salad today? I've listed out a few Low FODMAP items to get you started.

Good luck!


Notes before we get cooking!

FODMAP red, amber green rating reflects the total amount of Fructose (FTS), Lactose (L), Mannitol (M), Sorbitol (S), Galactooligosaccharide (GOS) and Oligos Fructans (FTA) in the TOTAL volume/weight of the ingredients used in the recipe.

I'm a big fan of simple recipes that don't need fancy equipment. For this recipe it does help to have a sharp knife for cutting the vegetables and fruit.




I'm very passionate about the management of autoimmune conditions in a healthy way.

I speak with medical professionals, read journals, try and test new recipes to share with you and diligently undertake research online. That being said, as you know, each autoimmune disease, as well as any set of symptoms you may be experiencing are unique.

All information provided is in no way intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always talk to your doctor or healthcare provider to ensure the appropriateness of any information in relation to your own situation.

And finally, please comment and share so we as a community better cope with our conditions by through growth and learning.

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