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Koka Health Vitality Programme

The Koka Health Vitality Programme

12 weeks to a fitter, stronger, happier you. Powered by FirstBeat, personalised just for you.

This programme combines cutting-edge technology with evidence-based behaviour change techniques. On this remarkable 12-week programme, you will develop a deep understanding of the intricate connections between your thoughts, emotions and behaviour and their impact on your diet, exercise and sleep habits. We will support you as you reshape old habits, conquer obstacles, and spark a newfound zest for life that shines brighter than ever before.

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Optimise your diet and better control your weight by understanding what drives your eating habits.


Gain deep, personalised insights into your reactions to stress and use this information to exercise better, recover quicker and sleep better.


Look and feel beter. Learn to tap into your reservoirs of energy, optimism, problem- solving, perseverance and determination.

Monitor stress, recovery, sleep and exercise.

Firstbeat measures the balance between  stress and recovery for better health and improved performance.

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  • Vitality Seeker

    Every month
    +£250 One time fee for Firstbeat Life device
    Immersive mind-body experience. Close the behaviour-intention gap and achieve your goals today
    • Introductory Discovery Call
    • 3-month subscription to First Beat
    • Detailed analysis of your stress, sleep and exercise habits
    • Fortnightly coaching calls
    • Unlimited messaging
    • Access to Koka Health members-only community

The Koka Health Difference

“I  was able to zone in on the things that I really enjoy doing and now have a diet and exercise routine that works for me. I have lost 10kg and have so much energy! I recommend the Vitality Programme to anyone seeking to elevate their well-being."

Kirsty, UK

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