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  • What is Koka Health Coaching?
    Koka Health Coaching is part of a structured programme designed to meet your health goals. A Koka Health coach helps you to set and reach your health goals relating to healthy eating, exercise, weight mangement and stress management. It's all done over the phone, video call or email.
  • Is Koka Health Coaching a good fit for me?
    A certified health coach gives you resources and support to help you be your healthiest. Health coaching may be a good fit for you if you are running low on motivation. A health coach can help you build confidence, provide support and offer inspiration. You need extra support. Health coaching can enhance and support other programmes such as going to the gym or weight watchers.
  • How does Koka Health Coaching work?
    Health coaching is confidential and convenient. It happens over the phone, through email or videocall. During your first discovery call, you will identify your personal goals and set an action plan. In further coaching sessions you will review your progress toward your goals, explore and resolve challenges and set your goals for the next session.
  • Who can I speak to before signing up?
    Please email us
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