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Koka Health Coaching

Choose your programme

  • Mindful Explorer

    Intensive, targeted habit change programme. Perfect if you have a specific health goal in mind
    • Introductory Discovery Call
    • 4 Coaching Calls
    • Weekly Messaging
    • Access to the Koka Health Discovery Programme
  • Resilience Builder

    Every month
    A longer term programme for those seeking to avoid or bounce back from burnout
    • Introductory Discovery Call
    • Monthly Coaching Call
    • Fortnightly Messaging
    • Access to The Koka Health Rebalance & Recharge Programme
  • Vitality Seeker

    Every month
    +£250 One time fee for Firstbeat Life device
    Immersive mind-body experience. Close the behaviour-intention gap and achieve your goals today
    • Introductory Discovery Call
    • 3-month subscription to First Beat
    • Detailed analysis of your stress, sleep and exercise habits
    • Fortnightly coaching calls
    • Unlimited messaging
    • Access to Koka Health members-only community
  • Flexible Well-Being Plan

    Every month
    For those who prefer to go at their own pace to improve their well-being
    • Introductory Discovery Call
    • Monthly Coaching Call
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